Unable to upgrade to BlackBerry 10 OS version or later due to insufficient space


blackberry q10 os update problems

Apr 26,  · To update from the smartphone, complete the following steps: Swipe down from the top of the home screen. Tap Settings > Software Updates. Tap the Check for Updates button. If an update is available, tap the Update button to start the update. When the software update has finished, a device restart will be required. Guys there is a problem in updating for vodafone in BlackBerry passport. Firstly the update came of mb, After downloading and installing that, again update appeared of gb of same version. Please help on the issue. Note: If Option 1 does not complete the installation update successfully, then proceed to Option 2. Option 2. To continue with an Over The Air Software (OTA) Update, remove data (applications and media) from the BlackBerry smartphone's internal memory until there is enough free space by following the actions below.

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Send a warning to Selected user. The user has 0 warnings currently. Next warning will result in ban! Home News You are here. BlackBerry Software updates. Reply Report. No, blackberry q10 os update problems BlackBerry Z3 is not one of the devices affected. It's contained to the Z10 and Q10 only.

Stop spreading your FUD. The analyst you refrenced are long Apple. They have an agenda. Updated my Q10 to It seems only a limited of devices have been affected.

I'm certain BlackBerry will have a fix for these devices very soon. I also have a Passport and Z30 blackberry q10 os update problems BB They wonder why? They will continue to have these issues if they keep using S4 chips. The BlackBerry Classic uses an S4 chip and it doesn't have any of these issues, blackberry q10 os update problems, so there goes that theory right out the window. I doubt the low end BlackBerry Leap will have those issues.

Flagship BlackBerry's, like the Passport, do not use S4 chips at all. The BlackBerry Z30 also uses an S4 chip, and hasn't had any issues with the There are Z30's getting the "Black Screen of Death" and Passports having the flickering screen issue and battery life and heating problems, not to mention the Z10 and Q10 issues.

It's just a I'm have yet to have any of those problems on my Passport, Z30, or my Q I am well aware that there are some that experience these problems, blackberry q10 os update problems, and that it's not limited to a certain SoC SKU.

That's why I responded the way I did to UglyFrank. I'm also aware that every manufacturer has issues with updates from time to time. Glad you pointed that out. There are some fanboys here on this very post that think that their favorite OS is immune to such things. I wasn't trying to insinuate it is pervasive, blackberry q10 os update problems, just that it seems to be the update itself and it isn't universal. I pity them. I wasn't saying you were insinuating that.

My apologies if that's what you got from my response. I have an unlocked Passport purchased from Amazon. I prefer the square build. It's different. I'm looking forward to their new slider phone, blackberry q10 os update problems.

If the rumored specs are true, it's going to be a beast. I totally agree with your last paragraph. There are too many fanboys that come to BlackBerry articles as well as others just to promote their fav OS while downing another OS. Why even bother? If an individual doesn't like BB10, why even comment on a BlackBerry article then?

I pity them as well. Saigon no longer "exists". It's been merged with the rest of Vietnam. BlackBerry does indeed have a presence in Vietnam.

If you're going to troll, at least be factual. If this was I was going to be really exited on this new BB device. As I quote "If it was ". Updated my Z30 and works perfect love it. It's so darn fast and love the three row keyboard. I'd rather this than any iPhone or most Android phones. Every phone can have a drawback and the ones on blackberry q10 os update problems Passport are negligible.

I updated my blackberry Passport over a week ago, heard about the screen flickering issues a day or two after the update but did not have any problems until yesterday when the screen started flickering and went black. It was so bad that I could not use the phone and turned it off. After I turned it on again it was back to normal. This morning I turned the phone on I turn my phone off before I go to sleep and so far OK, no problems. Yeah and if it comes back do a hard rest that is supposed to work also.

I own the Z30, here are my issues: 1. The display is intended for the Passport; on my Z30, the screen auto zooms and requires constant adjustment. The Evolution Browser does not open articles blackberry q10 os update problems Creationism joke The browser however resets itself while in Private Browser blackberry q10 os update problems thus closing all of my opened tabs.

These are the main issues. Wow that's weird, did you do a hard reset? I updated my Z30 and it worked perfectly. Not only did it work fine it worked way better as in quicker in overall performance and opening android app was way faster, blackberry q10 os update problems, just seconds behind the Passport.

I would try wiping it and starting over and adding all your apps after you finished updating it again. Good luck brother. I agree with Farrid. When I updated my Z30, I had absolutely no issues whatsoever. The performance has actually improved. Do a hard reset like Farrid has suggested. That should fix the problem. Let us know how it goes.

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blackberry q10 os update problems


Mar 16,  · BlackBerry investigating device performance issues with BlackBerry update. BlackBerry has been rolling out to users all over the world since the end of November, and for the most part, the update has gone fine for those who have received it. That's not to say there haven't been some issues among those who updated, though, Author: Bla1ze. Apr 01,  · The BlackBerry Device Support Community Forums have closed as of April 1, BlackBerry remains committed to providing excellent customer support to our customers. We are delighted to direct you to the CrackBerry Forums, a well-established and thorough support channel, for continued BlackBerry device support. Mar 06,  · The Passport is scheduled to receive the update in the coming weeks, while the Classic launched with back in December. Scanning through various BlackBerry forums and comment boards reveals a variety of issues with the update on the Z10 and Q10, though many can be distilled down to “ performance problems.”Author: Daniel Bader.